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The Robert Quesnel Designer company has existed since 1984. Robert Quesnel changed the name to Planorama inc. in order to join the Goyette-Duplessis-Quesnel-Smolens consortium from 1985 to 1987. Then, he joined Dimitri Smolens to create Quesnel Smolens Design & Associates from 1987 to 1991. Since 1991, Robert Quesnel moved his business to Rosemère where he continued to develop his design expertise, especially in the food services sector.


After working at Leonard Ostroff Design (LODA) from 1972 to 1978 then at Multi-Restaurants (a division of Steinberg) from 1978 to 1984, Robert Quesnel worked for himself.  Thanks to his experience at Multi-Restaurants, he has developed expertise in restaurant design and, more particularly, restaurant equipment. From 1993 to 2006, he, among other things, greatly contributed to the development of the MTY Group by signing no less than 218 designs.  He also took part in developing the chains: La Crémière, Paris Croissant, Treats, Rock’n Deli, Fontaine Santé, Ben & Florentine, etc. With all of this experience, since 2001, he has also developed 285 projects with the Compass Group, operator of cafeterias in numerous hospitals, universities, CEGEPs, private colleges, schools, and large companies.


The company's objective has always been to provide clients with a project, not only aesthetic but operational, in order to ensure their long-term prosperity. To do this, simple and direct communication is essential from the start of a project. The documents produced by Planorama have always aimed for efficiency and precision.


Since 2003, Jean-Sébastien Quesnel has joined the company to contribute to the development of the company's computerization. A graduate in industrial design from the University of Montreal, he transferred his knowledge of design and his analytical mind to perfect his training in commercial interior design and optimize computerization. Jean-Sébastien discovered a passion for research and development of IT solutions adapted to design.  Whether on Autocad, Autocad Architecture, 3DS Max, Microsoft Excel, and Word, In Design, Photoshop, or Acrobat, he always seeks to get the most out of the software in order to achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently.


Robert Quesnel retired in January 2020 and passed the business on to Jean-Sébastien. It continues to offer the same commercial design services specializing in food services under the Planorama brand. In addition, Planorama also offers computerization consultations and training services. (See the “services” section for more details).   

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